SRAM Eagle Powertrain | Automatic Shift for E-Bikes

Mountain bike lovers, get ready for an exciting revolution! SRAM, famous for its innovation and quality in bicycle components, has just launched Eagle Powertrain, a complete and advanced solution to transform your mountain bike adventures into something even more exciting and efficient. Following in the footsteps of Shimano, SRAM now also offers automatic gear changes for e-bikes!

Complete integration with Eagle Transmission

Eagle Powertrain is an eMTB drivetrain that combines perfectly with SRAM’s famous Eagle Transmission, providing total control on electric mountain bikes. This innovative system is equipped with a 90 Nm Brose motor, two assistance modes, 630 Wh or 720 Wh battery options and an exclusive automatic shifter. It is also highly customizable with the AXS application and compatible with other systems.

Eagle Powertrain Highlights

The SRAM Eagle Powertrain is a complete system, including motor, battery, shifting system, controls and the transmission system itself. It has two notable features:
Auto Shift: This exclusive SRAM system allows you to change gears without having to worry about it. The Eagle Powertrain detects your pedaling commands and shifts gears according to your preferences, making your riding experience even smoother and more natural. You can also customize the settings to suit your riding style.
Shifting without pedaling (Coast Shift): With Coast Shift, you can shift gears without having to pedal. This is particularly useful on difficult terrain, descents or when you need an instant gear change.

Electric Assistance and Customized Power

The 90 Nm, 680 W Brose motor provides a smooth, natural ride, while its two assistance modes, “Range” and “Rally”, can be customized to suit your specific needs. The “Range” mode is ideal for long rides and lighter terrain, saving energy, while the “Rally” mode offers maximum power for more intense challenges.

Duas maneiras de obter o máximo.

Enquanto outros oferecem modos de potência desnecessários e nomes confusos, o Eagle Powertrain usa apenas dois.

Two ways to get the most out of it.

The Eagle Powertrain battery is available in two options: 630 Wh or 720 Wh. The first is compact, lightweight (only 3 kg) and has a low center of gravity, great for sports activities. The second, with 720 Wh, offers maximum range and is still relatively light (4.1 kg). Both can be expanded with a 250 Wh extender.
The AXS Bridge Display and four buttons make it easy to fully control the system. This intuitive, colorful and waterproof display simplifies your riding experience, allowing you to turn the engine on/off, switch between modes and much more, all at the touch of a button.

Compatibility and Customization

The Eagle Powertrain is compatible with various transmissions, including the Eagle-XX SL, XX, X0 and GX versions. It is also possible to use it with mechanical transmissions or Eagle AXS, although some features, such as Auto Shift and Coast Shift, are not available unless you mount a corresponding transmission group.
One of the great advantages of the Eagle Powertrain is the AXS app, which aims to enhance the rider’s experience, even off the bike. Using the app, you can customize the starting power modes, adjust the engine’s Range and Rally, check the battery life remotely and make adjustments to various parameters, among other features, all using your smartphone.

Availability and Price

Unfortunately, the Eagle Powertrain will not be available for sale separately. It will be integrated into selected models from SRAM partners such as Propain, Nukeproof, Transition and GasGas Bicycles. Prices have not yet been disclosed, but SRAM plans to expand its partnerships and work with more manufacturers in the near future.
Get ready to take your mountain biking experience to a whole new level with SRAM’s revolutionary Eagle Powertrain. Innovation is coming to the trails, and you don’t want to miss it! Stay up to date and be ready to explore the mountains like never before. #EaglePowertrain #MountainBike #SRAM
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