STAGE 5 | TOYOTA TOUGH | 2023 Absa Cape Epic

Groenlandberg is one of the Absa Cape Epic’s most famed climbs. Traditionally it has been summited from the west, however in 2023 teams will tackle the climb from the east, immediately after riding the new trails at Tierkop. The 5km climb is rocky, steep (max15%) and demanding and will trial all teams from those chasing the leader jerseys to those looking to avoid maximum stage times.

Toyota Tough Tip: Ride for your partner.
Groenlandberg is famed for being incredibly hard on body and mind, but let’s not forget that the Absa Cape Epic is a team race and tackling this climb needs to be done in a team mindset. Manage your own and your partners efforts, avoid the red zone, and keep within the 2-minute limit to avoid any penalties!

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