Lyrics 002 featuring Vali Höll + Cécile Ravanel

After a rollercoaster of a season, Vali Höll was ready to mix up her regimen and rediscover what it felt like to have fun riding her mountain bike. No training plan, no downhill bike, no pressure, no restrictions—just time to ride, chill out, and capture the moments.

Given the location, crew, and soundtrack of their choice, Vali Höll and Cécile Ravanel don’t hold back. Sintra, Portugal sets the stage, and Odesza creates the vibe. When you pair the reigning DH World Champion with her coach, a former EWS Champion and XCO Junior World Champion, there’s no better duo to turn the volume up during the off-season.

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Filmed by: Kuba Gzela
Edited by: Mind Spark Cinema