Stage 4 | Live Stream | SPAR Swiss Epic

Deep forests and the pale sheer cliffs of the Rheinschlucht offer an early taste of the spectacular scenery to come, before a river-side path provides easy riding through Domleschg Valley. Having descended for over 30 kilometres, the climbing begins with the Alter Schin, a historic footpath carved into the rockface high above the cascading Albula River. The Wiesner Viadukt, the highest bridge on the old Rhaetian Railway, then provides an entrance into the Zügen Schlucht trails. These trails were made famous by Danny McAskill in his Home of Trails video and take teams on an exciting section of stunning cliffs, ancient bridges and tunnels. Near the highest point of the stage the route passes the Junkerboden, immortalised by the art of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, before gradually descending into Davos where tired legs and bodies can recover ahead of Stage 5 and the final demands of the 2022 SPAR Swiss Epic.

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