Stage 5 | Live Stream | SPAR Swiss Epic

The final 58 kilometres of the 2022 SPAR Swiss Epic packs as many of the famous Trails Paradise Davos singletracks as possible to ensure that the 2022 event ends of the highest of highs. The stage is a compacted Bahnentour, without the ski lift assists, taking in many of the legendary tour’s best-loved trails. These include the Panorama, Gotschnaboden, Drusatscha, Flüela, Ischalp and Bolgen Trails. Each is unique. From the undulating and scenic Panorama to the rooty Gotschnaboden and natural Flüela. The fast-flowing Drusatscha and final Bolgen will fight for the riders’ favourite status on the stage, but the real victor will be the finishers. With the Alps conquered, the celebrations will be hard-earned and they will ensure that the 2022 SPAR Swiss Epic lives on in memory for years to come.

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