Introducing the Altitude MX Mount

The Altitude combines decades of racing experience with our latest technology innovations that allow you to ride harder and faster than ever before. With the new Altitude MX Mount installed, you’ll be able to use a 27.5” rear wheel to help corner faster, ride more playfully, all while giving you a bit more clearance when you’re behind the saddle on a steep, technical line.

The Altitude MX Mount is easy to install and maintains similar geometry to the regular Altitude 29. The Altitude MX mount is designed to be compatible with Positions 1 through 5 (1 through 4 on the Altitude Powerplay) of our RIDE-9 adjustment system only. Position 5 is the “Neutral” position, and the bike becomes incrementally slacker and more progressive as you move towards Position 1, the slackest position. Positions 6-9 have less clearance between the back of the seat stay brace and the seat tube and are incompatible with the use of the Altitude MX Mount.

When you install the Altitude MX Mount, you will increase the travel of your Altitude or Altitude Powerplay while also lowering the rate curve. This means you might have to increase shock pressure or go up in spring rate to achieve proper sag and suspension feel.

Filmed by Scott Secco
Photos by Margus Riga

“With the MX Mount, I’m more comfortable on my bike and because of that I feel like I’m now able to hit my race speed.”

– Andréane Lanthier Nadeau

“I like to bring a creative approach to the trails, search for alternate lines, look for things to double up. Ultimately, I like the extra clearance from running my Altitude with mixed wheel sizes.” >– Thomas Vanderham