THESE SPOKES ARE INSANE | We Made Our Own Rope Spokes!

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Disclaimer: Making any bike part yourself can be dangerous, wheel components especially. DON’T try this yourself! Adam’s one of the smartest people I know and there’s been a ton of work put into testing and prototyping before we got to this point. Even though we show our process this isn’t a tutorial, if you do want some rope style spokes for yourself I encourage you to buy some Berd spokes instead.

I’ve had a lot of requests to try Berd “rope” spokes since putting out my wheel build videos. I’ve certainly been interested but been put of by the costs.

It turns out I’ve not been the only one interested… Adam from Tartybikes took his interest a little further though and decided to tackle the incredibly complex task of making his own rope spokes!

It’s hard to convey the work he’s put into finding a strong, reliable and repeatable method of making these spokes! It’s been in the hundreds of hours but the work has paid off and he has managed to make a functioning pair of rope spoke wheels which are holding strong after 400 miles of off road MTB in the grime of a UK winter.

Adam shared his progress on forums which is where I first saw what he was up to but it was actually Adam who got in touch with me about building one of my wheels for my channel. I can’t thank him enough for the work he’s put in to make this video possible!

It’s a long video for sure but there’s so much golden information I figured a lot of you would like to absorb as much as possible (the Patreon version has over 20 mins of extra content).

I hope you enjoy the video, I found the process fascinating and I hope you do too!

Let me know your thoughts and of course if you want to get yourself any trials (or MTB parts) give them a call or head to and get some orders placed, it’s a great shop run by great people and I’d love it if I could get them some promotion and extra orders 🙂



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