MTB Ripping through SNOW & ICE with Vinny T | Behind the Scenes of The Old World

"C’est cool!" in the French Alps.
Yes, Châtel in France is famous for the Chatel bike park, but it’s also famous for being a superb ski destination. In other words, winters are loooong and snow lies around Vincet Tupin a.k.a. Vinny T’s favorite riding spot for a big part of the year. That doesn’t stop Vinny T though. Over the years he has established himself as somewhat of a snow-slashing MTB expert who can rip trails around Châtel even in the depths of winter.
The second shooting location for The Old World Movie was dedicated to bring Winter Mountain Biking to another level. Join the Tillmann Brothers and Vinny T as they take on the challenge of combining sports and seasons through the lens of a video camera.

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With a crazy mix of winter and summer riding, the Châtel segment is something unique. With a special production setup, watch as the Tillmann Brothers and Vinny T make you want to grab your bike and go ride!

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Directed by Andi Tillmann
Produced by Tillmann Brothers
Co-Produced by Red Bull Media House
Presenting sponsor: @BMW
Sponsors: @adidas TERREX, Vitec Group, Leitz

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