New Canyon Torque ON




It’s a downhill beast

180 mm of front suspension and 175 mm of rear suspension.


The Torque:ON proves that it’s possible to create an E-MTB that’s both stable and nimble balancing big-mountain capability with jump-line playfulness.

The power to do laps all day


504 Wh


Shimano EP8

RANGEUp to 100 km

No shuttle van or lift lines necessary. Shimano’s new 500-W motor triples your power giving you all the boost you need to bag one downhill run after another with ease.

Massive Power Boost

Shimano’s new EP8 motor is one of the most powerful motors available. With 500 peak watts and 85 Nm of torque pedaling up to reach the best downhill runs has officially stopped being a drag.

Designed for long descents

All Torque:ON models feature piggyback rear shocks—their higher oil volume prevents overheating ensuring consistent fade-free performance on the longest roughest descents.

More batteries more laps

Some days it’s hard to stop lapping your favourite trail. That’s why we offer the Torque:ON with an extra battery option. One quick battery swap later and it’s party lap time again.

Engineered excellence

Our Team Members

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Integrated motor protection

Sleek chainguide

Power for all your essentials

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